DELPHI MANAGEMENT GROUP, INC. owns and operates DELIA'S CLEANERS, a chain of quality dry cleaners in Arizona.  Click here to go to our DELIA'S CLEANERS web site.

DELPHI Management Group, Inc., owns and operates retail dry cleaners under the DELIA'S CLEANERS brand name, dedicated to fulfilling the personal and domestic fabric care needs, of our target market segments by providing superior to our customers not normally found from the competition.  We are committed to maintaining for our TEAM MEMBERS a safe, friendly, fair, and creative work environment that supports development and respects diversity, new ideas and hard work. We intend to generate enough profit to provide a fair return for our investors, to finance our continued growth, and our continued investments in the advancement and utilization of environmentally sound, quality cleaning technologies.                 

DELPHI Management Group, Inc.
3824 E. Roeser Road
Phoenix, Arizona  85040
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